Exploring The Amalfi Coast

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This post will be on my road trip across The Amalfi Coast. I’ve been so stuck on how to start it and have come to the conclusion that it’s because with The Amalfi Coast being one of the world’s most picturesque coastlines (and definitely living up to it) pictures will describe its beauty more than my words could. So here you go, a post complete of scenic memories I captured on this trip.

We started the trip from our hotel in Sorrento and chose to stop at Positano and Ravello. The roads were super narrow and busy and what mapped out to be a 2 hour drive to Positano turned out to be 3. Nevertheless the views while driving up the mountains were breathtaking and entailed a unique driving experience. If you can drive in Italy, you can drive anywhere….




We stayed at an apartment in Sorrento which although was quite far from the coast  it was our most relaxing stay to date. The panoramic views of Capri out at sea truly left us speechless and being higher up than most hotels, the roads nearby were silent which is just what we needed – an escape from the loud city noises.

I didn’t capture many photos here but I’d say Sorrento has a very tranquil vibe and has lots of family run restaurants and fresh food markets.



The most popular part of The Amalfi Coast and the one I was most excited to see – the great Positano.

This place honestly lives up to its hype of beauty and postcard worthy photos. A pebbly beach with mountain range views and colourful houses.

Processed with VSCO with l6 preset

NOTE: 80% of the beach (where the sun beds are aligned) is private and costs, 15 – 20 euros per bed.

We unintentionally sat on the front row to get a good view and paid 20 euros each; turned out worthy for the photos and waiter service but a crazy price to pay for a sun bed.




Last yet my favourite part of the trip – Ravello. We stopped by Ravello to have late lunch at the enchanting Hotel Belmond Caruso. The food , the service and the views were all equally unbelievable. I could possibly still be pinching myself that this place was even real and am so thankful to have experienced it.

After speaking to the staff about how magical we found it, we discovered we were not the only ones who believe it to be heavenly.

My favourite things (a flower garden , scenic views, good wine and home made dessert) all in one place. If you’re ever near Ravello please try and see this place and you’ll understand why.




And thats all!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! I could write a lot more as I’m still obsessing over this part of Italy but I’ll cut it just here and keep it short. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments below and subscribe via email for future posts!


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