The Island of Capri – Italy


Since briefly visiting Venice in the beginning of summer, I felt the urge to discover more of Italy. With it being one of the few countries still warm in Europe (averages of 23) in September, it was the perfect destination choice for a sunny break before returning to University.

First stop Capri Island…


Capri is an island just of the coast of Naples famous for its rugged landscape, designer shops and the famous blue grotto. When you arrive at the island, there are various busses you can take to see the different sights – as we didn’t know much about Capri we decided to go with the VIP bus fare (22 euro) that unlike normal tours just drops you off where the sights are and gives you freedom to do whatever you want – that way you see everything in time to make it back to the boat back to Sorrento.

The Blue Grotto…


Apart from wrongly thinking Capri would be a swimming destination (there is no beach) I was mostly excited to see its famous blue grotto – an electric blue cave created by sunlight passing through a small hole.



The bus drops you off near some stairs which lead you to the small boats which take you through the cave. The blue grotto is open only 120 days a year due to weather conditions so having the opportunity to see it was exciting.


Getting into the cave is quite tricky, as the hole is very small the rower tells you to lay down quickly on the boat in order to pass through. Inside they sing and some people shout to embrace the echoes. The whole experience was really rushed which was disappointing as you do pay 13 euros for it. I’d say despite this being one of the most advertised sights in Capri, it is not the best…

The food…..

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If you want authentic Italian cuisine, Capri is the place to go. This was probably one of our favourite meals from the entire trip as everything just tasted so fresh and rich in flavour. Not forgetting to mention the local wine which is not only super affordable but of great quality too.

The lovers arch…

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On the way back from Capri our pilot took us on a tour around the island, telling us stories of the different landmarks. A special part of this tour included passing through the lovers arch which didn’t fail in letting Capri live up to the Italian’s romantic game aha. As we went through the cave the captain sang a song and instructed couples to kiss for good luck. Super cheesy but an enjoyable experience.


 My last thoughts would be that Capri is  not a bucket list destination , but is definitely beautiful and has a relaxed, romantic and historic vibe about it which will be memorable.

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