Approximately an hour away from central Venice, you find these stunning islands. It takes half a day out of your trip but is A MUST and is super worth it – especially for you ‘picturesque place’ lovers like me.




BURANO: The island of lace production

I can’t find a word to describe this place, it was like being in a dream world full of colour and sunshine.

With so many bright colours you wouldn’t expect Burano to be as quiet as it is. My advice would be to not follow the crowds when you arrive at the island and instead just follow your instincts and wonder around, every corner is different and although you’ll probably get lost in the maze you’ll truly get a feel of the culture in this place. Locals are very to themselves, quiet and humble.



Murano: The island of glass production 

Definitely not as colourful as Burano but surprisingly very educational and perfect for souvenir purchases.

When you arrive at Burano you quickly notice the various glass making showcases which are free. There you will be shown how the glass is made in the factories and be given the opportunity to purchase some. This is the place to come to get authentic glass items as elsewhere such as in central Venice, these items are likely to be fake.


P.S. Gelato is much cheaper in these islands than Venice, so be sure to have your Gelato of the day when you stop by ;D

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