Rosa’s Thai Cafe: My favourite Thai spot in London


I told myself I wouldn’t blog until i finished my deadlines but I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing with you my favourite thai restaurant. I love asian cuisine ‘especially Thai’ but it can be so hard to not feel guilty when consuming it ; with it mostly being fried. HOWEVER , since discovering Rosa’s Thai Cafe last summer there’s no other place I think about when I’m craving some Thai food – especially a Green tofu and vegetable curry ❤


I love how colourful and how rich Thai food tastes and at Rosa’s Cafe you don’t get that guilty (grease overload) feeling you get from some other Thai restaurants. They use locally sourced ingredients and the food is made fresh everyday.


If you’re a peanut lover like myself , don’t leave without trying their prawn crackers that come with their home-made peanut sauce – it’s too good!


With a nice relaxed cafe vibe Rosa’s is the perfect spot for a lunch or dinner date with family and friends.

If you’re feeling inspired check out Rosa’s new cookbook filled with infamous Thai specialities.


Hope you liked this post and please share any Thai restaurant recommendations below in the comments. Back I go to finish my deadlines..

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