London’s Miami themed café: Palm Vaults



If you know me, you know about my obsession with coffee and even more my love for visiting different coffee shops – therefore not featuring my visits to them on my blog wouldn’t make any sense.

Once again social media has influenced me to make the effort to travel miles in order to see the posted content. If you haven’t seen posts featuring Palm Vaults in Hackney recently you need to follow more inspirational accounts – I’m kidding! but seriously it’s everywhere!


Not only is this café super Instagram picture worthy with its aesthetic interior inspired by the 80’s in Miami, its also become really popular due to its coloured flavoured coffee’s.

Bare in mind these colourful coffee’s are not made with actual coffee – they are made with whole food powder alternatives such as spirulina which give you the same energy without the fall.

As I wanted actual coffee, I opted for the ‘lavender cappuccino’ which was possibly the nicest smelling coffee I’ve ever tried.


Palm Vaults is also Vegan and vegetarian friendly ; offering a wide selection of dairy free milk, cane sugar and even gluten free cake (freshly baked)!


Palm vaults definitely didn’t disappoint with it’s interior – i just wish it wasn’t so far. Pricing wise it was medium – the above photo cost a total of £19 and although everything was very yummy and fresh , the price didn’t correlate well with the service. The ladies at Palm Vaults were very nice and did a good job at ensuring we got a table quickly but with such little staff and not being able to order at your table it’s definitely not a place you would want to go expecting a lot of customer attention. The vibe however was very chilled and cosy with old school urban music playing in the background.



Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think and if you have any coffee shop recommendations in the comments below ♡


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