Iceland has always been part of my wish list for places to visit. The price of it always kept me thinking it would be somewhere I would visit in the future but me being me I couldn’t wait that long – I had to witness the dreamy Iceland pictures I saw on my feed, in person. I chose to go in winter but during summer Iceland looks beautiful too – check out this post to see the pros and cons of each season. 


We hired a 4×4 with Lagoon cars – 5 minutes from Keflavik airport.

P.s. It’s still possible to see the sights without a car but the experience isn’t half as good. The freedom to stop off whenever and wherever you want plus the experience of driving on Iceland’s Icy roads will fulfil your Iceland visit more than waiting around for a tourbus.

The Blue Lagoon


Make sure to pre-book your Blue lagoon tickets. And I don’t mean just before you go –  I mean book at least a month before. It’s the most popular stop for tourists and you don’t want to miss out. You also want to be able to choose the time to go and what package suits you – when there is only a few tickets left you’re not left with much option.



A road trip to the south coast.

Essentials: FOOD (shop at Bonus supermarkets – it’s the most affordable supermarket in Iceland – avoid 10/11 stores if you don’t want to pay £13 for water!) TOWELS, CAMERAS, TORCHES & WATER.


 You’ll see some amazing views when driving down – we stopped a few times to take pictures; sadly we didn’t get an opportunity to stop and take one with the horses.


Seljalandsfoss Waterfall


Skogafoss Waterfall

This is the part where a towel is recommend – I was so amazed with Skogafoss that I forgot I had a camera and that the weather was -3.  We went up close to it and got completely soaked 😀


Skogafoss can also be seen from above by climbing 370 steps!

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.19.04



Possibly the most challenging part of the trip – took us 1 1/2 hours to find it. This is where snacks and a torch is recommended – on the way back we were tired from all the walking in the black sand, the sun had settled and it was pitch black.

The Northern Lights

After the tiring walk to and from the plane we decided to relax and warm up in the car before heading back. It was pitch black and with the sky filled with stars we knew it was the perfect night to try and catch the northern lights. After 40 minutes of starring into the sky we saw Aurora.


Tip: to capture a good shot use a slow shutter speed and place a torch above your lense.


Day Three

After an adventurous second day we used our last day to explore the city of Reykjavik, relax and eat yummy food.



Colourful streets of Reykjavik



 The Harpa – concert hall


I hope this post gives you a good insight of Iceland although pictures do not do it’s beauty justice – it’s breathtaking! Check out the Vlog of my trip below and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section.

Ellie xo

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